Maintenance Requests

FMX (Facilities Maintenance Express) is the software we use for work orders, project requests, and transportation requests. This software is able to provide users with a better request interface and offer better services. In addition this software is equipping us with the ability to manage our Fleet and Inventory. We anticipate you will experience easier request submissions and better communication both with our requestors and our staff. With FMX you will be able to put in work order requests, for a repair, a move, an event, or a vehicle all through the same system.

If you would like a FMX Work Order Guide, click here.


There is no departmental charge for regular maintenance or upkeep. An hourly charge of $30/hour may apply to all requests that are above normal maintenance.

To request maintenance, go to


Contact your RA for maintenance requests in dorm areas.


Work Requests

To put in a Work Request, go to

Work Requests include:


Carpentry/Interior Maintenance



Event Set-Up (Minimal set-up only. See below)

Exterior Maintenance/Grounds

Facilities Office & FOB Access

Fire Safety




Office Furniture/Moves


Pest Control


Public Safety



Event Setup Requests 

Facilities is available to setup tables, chairs and other event materials. Please request and schedule events through Event & Guest Services. 

All event setup requests should be made at least 48 hours prior to setup time to avoid additional late fees.

To request an event setup, email Events Marketing and Management at


Project Requests

To put in a Project Request, go to

Project Requests include:

Carpet Replacement

Furniture Request

Office Space Reconfiguration

Space Remodel

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