What is an internal event?

An internal event is defined as a gathering on campus that is paid for using a Moody cost center and not marketed to the public. These events are designed to provide an engaging experience for students and/or staff who are on campus.


Event Proposals must be submitted to the Event Coordinator no less than three-weeks prior to the proposed event date. Large scale events involving multiple service providers and/or 100 or more guests are required to be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to the proposed event date.

Please review MBI blackout dates prior to submission of your event request form.

View Corporate Calendar and Blackout Dates Here

Submission of an event proposal form does not guarantee approval of request. Submission of a request to Catering, Facilities, ITS, or Public Safety alone does not mean that your event has been approved. Event proposals are reviewed within 3-5 business days. The Event Coordinator will then communicate with the event contact regarding the status of the request.

Any questions regarding on-campus events should be directed to the Event Coordinator at internalevents@moody.edu.

Internal Event Request Form

Requester Details

Event Summary – Part 1

Is this a group student event?

What is your event planning outline? (Either fill out the following boxes or attach a pdf.)

Preferred Date and Time (please list three)

Please refer to the corporate calendar. You cannot have an event on a date that is labeled “BLACK OUT DATE—EVENT CAPACITY”.

*Because the Dean of Student Activities and the Event Coordinator must discuss each student event request, please expect to wait 2-5 business days before receiving an approval or declining email.

Event Summary – Part 2

Preferred Location (please list three)

Non-MBI Guest Needs

*Please pick up your event badges from EMM and your parking passes from the public safety office the day before your event. You are responsible for passing out your event badges and parking passes to your guests as they arrive. Your guests will not be able to pass any public safety desk without a badge.

Service Requests

Will your event require a worship band set up?

For a worship set up, ITS will need as much information as possible to be adequately prepared for your event. Just adding one instrument can add an hour of set up time to ITS's schedule and may impact the start time of your event. Please fill out the information below to the best of your ability. This worship information must be submitted at least four days before your event. If this isn't given within four days, your event may be charged a late fee. Please enter “TBD” if you aren’t sure what your needs are yet.

Filming on Campus*

Additional Information and Acknowledgments

Additional needs


View MBI Blackout Dates

For further questions about blackout dates, contact the Event Coordinator at eventcoordinator@moody.edu.

Please allow 3-5 business days to receive a response from the Event Coordinator.