Employee and Student Vehicle Use

Institute Vehicles


It is preferred that employees use an Institute vehicle rather than a personal vehicle if traveling for Institute business, when one is available. The vehicle use charge is $25/day and is normally charged to the department; departments are responsible for any gas used during vehicle use. Institute vehicles cannot be used for personal use.


Student groups with an employee supervisor can request Institute vehicles to use for Institute-related events. Vehicles for students are scheduled on a first come, first served basis with priority given to Athletics and employee use. The cost is $25 for a 24-hour period and the vehicle should be returned with a full tank of gas.

Vehicle Rentals (Enterprise)

If there is no Institute vehicle available, Facilities will rent a vehicle through its contract with Enterprise. The cost is approximately $35/day for a car and $65/day for a minivan. All rentals should be requested through Facilities who will facilitate the vehicle drop-off and pick-up.

Employees can rent through Enterprise at a discounted rate through the Procurement Department

Approval for Driving

It is the policy of Moody Bible Institute that all employees and students using Institute vehicles or personal vehicles on Institute business must go through an approval process. Driving approval can take five business days or more to process so bring your paperwork to the Facilities Office well in advance of any scheduled vehicle use.

Approval Process  Approval Process

Requesting an Institute Vehicle

Please fill out this form once you go through the Driving Approval Process

Request an Institute Vehicle Request an Institute Vehicle

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