Building Use Policy

Unauthorized personnel is not allowed in buildings when they are closed. If a student is given special permission to be in a closed building or area, they should have written permission from the area manager.

Certain departments allow student employees to access their facilities when they’re closed for personal use. Public Safety respects these allowances but student employees may be asked to provide ID information and dialogue with Public Safety to ensure privileges are being properly used.

Sleeping in Offices

Zoning restrictions of the City of Chicago require that only residence halls are slept in overnight. Therefore, employees and faculty who need to stay on campus overnight cannot sleep in their offices and should reserve a room through Event Marketing and Management at

Shutting off Sprinklers

Most dorms and office buildings have sprinkler systems installed as required by state law. Floor Monitors and Resident Assistants are trained in how to shut off the sprinkler system, in the case of a false alarm. Contact Public Safety if this is information that you would need.

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