Student Parking

For those who are interested in a parking pass for the upcoming Spring Semester, please read the entirety of this page as it contains important information on how to apply.

Due to limited space, we will not be able to provide parking spaces to everyone who applies.We apologize in advance for those of you we are unable to accommodate. If you absolutely need a parking space, you will need to apply as early as possible.

YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED A SPACE JUST BECAUSE YOU HAD ONE IN THE FALL. Permits will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Seniors will have the chance to apply first, then Juniors, then Sophomores. Freshmen are not eligible to apply.

Application Schedule:

  • All Grad Students: Monday, November 15
  • Seniors: Monday, November 15
  • Juniors: Tuesday, November 16
  • Sophomores: Wednesday, November 17

Filling out the form early may disqualify you from a receiving a permit!

After you have submitted the form, the Facilities Office will notify you about the status of your application. It may take a few days to process your request. Please do not reach out to the Facilities Office unless you have not heard back after one week.

If you are approved, you will need to make an appointment to come to our office to pay for and collect your parking decal. Do not make a parking appointment unless you have received an approval email. You can charge your student account or pay by cash, card, or check. The cost for a semester pass is $175. Commutor student pricing can vary based on need. See below.

Commutor Pricing Breakdown:

  • 8 Weeks—$25 per day of the week (3 days a week maximum)
  • 16 weeks—$50 per day of the week (3 days a week maximum)
  • Commuter Pass—$175 for daytime parking 7 days a week for 16 weeks

All parking violations must be paid in order to purchase a permit. When you receive your email notification, the Facilities Office will let you know if you have outstanding parking violations and the total amount owed. These must be paid prior to your permit purchase or at the same time as your permit purchase. Parking violations cannot be charged to your student account.

If you have any questions, please reach out to


Click here for the Undergrad Parking Application

Click here for the Graduate Parking Application


No Commuter Overnight Parking

Due to changes on campus, we are no longer able to offer overnight parking for commuter students. We apologize for any inconveinace this may cause. We are making absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Modular Student Parking 

Graduate students can purchase student parking permits while they are on campus during their classes. The cost is $25/week (daytime parking) or $40/week (overnight parking) if there is space available. Parking is not guaranteed. These permits should be purchased on the first day of class from the Facilities Office.

Christmas Break Parking 

Fall semester permits expire on the last day of the fall semester. Click here to apply for a Christmas Break parking pass.

Student Temporary Parking Permits

Student temporary parking permits are for students currently taking classes on campus and can be purchased at the prices below. Availability is limited and parking is not guaranteed. One-day parking permits, and one-night overnight permits, can be purchased at any Public Safety desk. If a student needs parking for longer than one day or night, arrangements should be made with the Facilities Office. 

Pass type Price
Day Parking (expires at midnight) $5/day
Overnight Parking (expires at noon on the following day) $10/overnight
Week-Long Daily parking $25/week
Week-Long Overnight Parking $40/week

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