ID/Fob Guidelines

An ID/fob is issued by Facilities and is for personal use only — fobs are assigned to specific users and shouldn’t be shared. If a fob is lost, contact Public Safety immediately to have it deactivated.

A student ID and the key fob is issued to every student currently taking classes on campus. When the student graduates or stops taking classes, even for a short break, they must turn in their student ID(s) and their key fob.

Replacement IDs are $5 and fobs are $10. If a fob is replaced and then the lost fob is found, it can be returned to Facilities for a $5 refund.

 ID Requests

Contractors and Vendors

Personalized Contractor IDs are available to contractors who are on campus at least once per week. Request a Contractor ID by filling out this form.

Visiting Instructors

A faculty member can request a personalized guest ID when they have someone volunteering their time in one of the following ways:

  1. Assisting with a class
  2. Leading Bible studies for students
  3. Volunteering their time to help teach our students

These volunteers must be on campus at least once per week consistently throughout the semester.

Visiting Missionaries

Visiting missionaries are the few missionaries that are on campus multiple times during the school year. Their visits are scheduled and pre-approved through the Missions Dept. and EGS. They are issued IDs order for them to more easily access campus. These patrons are regularly seen on campus and recognized. For more information, contact


Personalized Intern/Volunteer IDs are available to those who are on campus at least 1x/week. Intern/volunteers are approved through EGS and should present proper paperwork prior to receiving ID. For more information, contact

Library Card

IDs are made for library patrons at the request of the library. These are mainly used by alumni and people living nearby. For more information, contact the Circulation Supervisor at Ext. 3571 or 4136.

Solheim Affiliates

Affiliate memberships to the Solheim Center are available through Solheim. More information can be found on Solheim's website.

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